Logo BlueReal-Time Energy Monitoring and Analysis

Real-time energy monitoring is used to find out how energy consumption relates to key drivers such as production or weather. This is a technique that relies on not only quantitative but also qualitative information about energy use. Energy monitoring requires quantitative information, usually measured, such as

♦ energy billing data, including electrical demand and consumption, fuel consumption, and costs

♦ consumption measurements at some level (e.g. the entire building, a production department or an individual energy-consuming system)

♦ key independent variables that influence energy consumption, such as production of a manufacturing system, occupancy of a building in terms of persons and hours, and/or weather factors such as heating degree-days

In essence, energy monitoring as a technique entails quantitatively relating consumption information to the critical independent variables. By using day-to-day estimate for the current consumption period and earlier consumption periods from Hydro-Québec, our experts at EneSense will provide you the key data you need for a greater understanding of your electricity consumption and careful management of energy costs. This gives you an initial indication of the extent of the overall energy savings potential for your plant and will allow you to set realistic savings targets for your energy management program.