Logo BlueEnergy Audit

An energy audit is a key to developing an energy management program. Although energy audits have various degrees of complexity and can vary widely from one organization to another, at EneSense, every audit typically involves 1) data collection and review 2) plant surveys and system measurements 3) observation and review of operating practices 4) data analysis... >>>read more



Logo BlueReal-Time Energy Monitoring and Analysis

Real-time energy monitoring is used to find out how energy consumption relates to key drivers such as production or weather. This is a technique that relies on not only quantitative but also qualitative information about energy use. Energy monitoring requires quantitative information, usually measured, such as... >>>read more



Logo BlueSolar Energy Feasibility Study

For many industries that are suffering and struggling with high energy bills, the strategic solution is a gradual migration to alternative energies, e.g. solar energy. Many industries use solar energy to cut back their energy costs (in Québec, Hydro-Québec grants credits in kilowatt-hours to self-generators enrolled in the net metering option). With growing technology in solar powering systems, cost of electricity generated by... >>>read more



Logo BlueWind Farm SCADA Data Analysis

Modern wind turbines are equipped with condition monitoring device/system, which provides the information about the device to the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) database. These devices/systems make use of data processing techniques/methods in order to detect and predict faults. Since Wind farm owner should be able to have confidence in the performance of... >>>read more



Logo BlueBenchmarking Water/Wastewater Utilities

The metrics from benchmarking serves as a screening process to identify where and when the energy saving efforts should be applied. As a part of our services, we offer active and real-time energy management services to water and wastewater industries in order to evaluate how well the plant or the facility is performing. The metrics provides a convenient way to track performance over ... >>>read more



Logo BlueTechnical Diagnostic

Envelope Diagnostic and Operation including Building Envelope Failures, Air-Barrier Testing, and Thermographic Investigation >>>read more