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For many industries that are suffering and struggling with high energy bills, the strategic solution is a gradual migration to alternative energies, e.g. solar energy. Many industries use solar energy to cut back their energy costs (in Québec, Hydro-Québec grants credits in kilowatt-hours to self-generators enrolled in the net metering option). With growing technology in solar powering systems, the cost of electricity generated by this sector has dropped 200 times since 1985, making solar power a strong competition for hydropower. By considering the fact that electricity production in Québec relies almost exclusively on hydroelectric generating stations; in the case of unpredictable events, like 1998's ice storm in Montreal, - that there was no power for 3 months - there would be a plan B for businesses and industries. Here is a list of benefits of considering solar energy:

♦ Take Advantage of Incentives

♦ Create Energy Independence

♦ Solar is a Secure Investment

♦ Save the Environment

♦ Increase Your Business Value

Since the costs of solar photovoltaic systems for electricity generation has dropped dramatically in recent years, and the carbon footprint of electricity from solar and hydroelectricity are comparable; it is both cost-efficient and environmentally responsible decision for industries to consider solar power as an alternative option. At EneSense, our experts provide you strategic gradual migration to solar energy for your business and/or industry.